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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Her First Sip

On April 18th Blake and I went to Breakfast and ran errands with Ali and her cute boy Jaxon. We met up at McDonald's, we thought that would be the best bet with our little ones!!
It was such a fun morning.
After we got home and Blakelee napped  she ate and had her very first sippy cup!!! She was not to sure about it. She wanted to suck on it like a bottle but it is a little different feeling then a bottle nipple. She is slowly but surely getting the hang of it!! I am hoping that by summer she will drink water and juice out of the sippies.  Then by the time she is a year we can have her off bottles all together!! Fingers crossed our goal happens.
Excuse her messy face!! :)
 She then had her nightly bath!!! After I got her undressed and was filling her tub I look down to notice a bare bum!! Haha! She loves rolling and loved it even more being naked!!
She is one of a kind!!

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