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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Mothers Day

For Mothers Day my parents let Blakelee sleep over so I could sleep a bit longer then usual! I then met up at my parents house and went to church with them. 
After church we came back to their house and let the girls nap.
Later that night Lindsay, Zach and the girls came over for dinner and gifts.
Laryssa wearing my shoes to feel tall! 
My mom and dad gave us a spring welcome block and a charm for our bracelet.
Mom got a Cuddle Bug for scrapbooking!!
Laryssa and Jaelyn made pictures for me!!! Love them!
Better then Sex Cake!!
Uncle Zach and Grandpa giving rides around the kitchen!!
What a great Mothers Day! Being a mom is definatly one of the most challenging but most rewarding jobs! There are days that you want to pull your hair out and others you can't get enough hugs and loves. I love being a mom to these girls! They are the best!!

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