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Sunday, January 24, 2016

May in Review

.. May 2nd..
Lara watched the girls for me while I worked!!
She is the best!!
Basically the second mom to these girls.
..May 3rd..
..May 6th..
Breakfast at Denny's with my babes!
Then made Snow out of flour and baby oil! Added some sparkles and Blakes was in heaven.

..May 7th..
Had a girls day!!
Went to the Nike Outlet with Mindy. 
Then out to dinner and movie with Ali that night!


..May 8th..
Friday with the babes!
Blake picked me a flower!

Bath time.

Heading to a night out with Lara!!!

..May 9th..
Blakelee sleepover with Grandma Lonna and Papa Scott.

 ..May 13th..
Mommy and Blakelee time while Savvy is in bed.

 ..May 14th..
Pitch Perfect Permier.
 ..May 15th..
Blakelee with Savvy's Bunny!!
..May 17th..
Sunday! Going to moms to hang out!

 ..May 18th..
New Braid!
 My cute friend Mindy brought us Cookies to work!
..May 21st..
When you had an elementary school behind your house, your daughter wants to play outside during recess!!

 Savvy started Crawling!

 ..May 22nd..
Happy Friday from Blake.
..May 24th..
Sunday with Savvy in RS!!

 Major rainy day!!

..May 26th..
Taught her how to stay warm sitting on the Heater Vent!! My favorite thing when I was little! 
..May 27th..
..May 28th..
Laryssa's Kindergarten Graduation!

 ..May 29th..
Blake kept telling me "mom it's my burfday, I need a pink take wif candules, and I bow dem out!" Her birthday is in September. But we defiantly had a birthday cake that night!

 ..May 30th..
Day at moms.

 Sunday dinner with Great Grandma and Grandpa Anderson (Blake and Savvy's Great!)

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