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Tuesday, January 17, 2012


My Grandparents just had their 50th Anniversary.
We all gathered at McGraths Fish House for a very good dinner and family time!
My mom made the table look so good.
Balloons, Confetti, and Sparkling Cider!!
It was a great night!!
Mom and Dad
Bree, Russ, and Lisa
Boyd and Rachel
Zach and Linds
Best Grandma and Grandpa a girl could ask for!!
Kortney and Jason
Me and my Handsome Hubby!!!
They got Willow Tree statues the Family ones!
They also got a letter or poem or just something from our hearts that we had written out for them.
This is what I did for them:

My Grandparents
My Grandma & Grandpa
Are one of a kind.
Who makes you feel so special
And warm inside.

They always give
you a hug or two.
And hold you close
with a smile for you.

Their house has always
been my favorite.
So welcoming and loving
No matter where you sit.

When you're down or sad
Give them a call.
They know just what
To say to never let you fall.

With great stories from each
And a treat in your hand.
You can't help but to listen
feeling just so grand.

When I think of my Grandparents
I smile from ear to ear.
They are just so amazing
Good thing their always near.

I Love them!!
Happy Anniversary Grandma and Grandpa!!
Congrats on 50 years.
It will be amazing when Griff and I are at that time of our lives. Surrounded by all our loved ones our kids and their better half and kids!!
Just like my grandpa said family is the best thing in the world you can't ask to be around better people!!

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