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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Vegas Tourney

January 28th and 29th we headed down to Vegas, for Griffin to play in a Golf Tourney.
We headed out early on Saturday morning so we could get there in enough time to enjoy the day.
We hit Vegas around 2 ish and drove straight to a golf course so Devin and Griff wouldn't miss their tee time.
After we dropped Griff and Dev off Bre and I went and checked into our Hotel at the Luxor.
Our room was in the actual pyramid!!
We have stayed in the Luxor numerous times but never had a room in the Pyramid.
It was awesome!!
Other then the elevator rode up on an angle... little scary!
Bre and I got all freshened up for the night and headed out on the Strip.
It was such a nice night!!
We then headed to the car and drove to pick up the boys from the golf course.
It was dinner time so we all headed to get some pizza!!!
From driving all morning and having a busy rest of the day we decided to
head back to the hotel and just relax!!
So the boys laid down and were out!!
So Bre and I watched some TV and finally fell asleep too.
We are some party animals. :)
In the morning the boys took off early to make it on time to the Golf Tourney for Griff!!
Bre and I hung out in the hotel room for a few hours then decided to hit the Strip yet again.
We walked down one side to the Belagio watched the show then back up the other side.
It was a lot of walking and a lot of seeing all the amazing hotels inside and out, we wore our self's out.
When we got the the New York New York we went and sat inside to talk while we waited for the boys to get done with their game.
Griff came and picked us up and we went inside the Tropicana so Griff could play some 21... He won us some money :)!!
What a fun yet short trip to Vegas!
It is always nice to get out and just relax!!

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