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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Little Pumpkin Patch

October 11th we went to the Pumpkin Patch with a few of our friends. We met Steve and Lara there and our other friends met us a little later Stefan and Becca.
We went to the Petersen Family Farm's Pumpkin Patch which is right off of Bangater by the District. Griff and I haven't been to a patch since we have been married so I really wanted to go and have Blake's pick out her pumpkin this year. By the time we could all met up it was getting dark and was a little later then we would've wanted.. but it was still a blast in the dark. Other then it was hard to pick the perfect pumpkin without the light. So we did our best and used our phones haha!!
I love my little family!!
Helping Blakelee pick her Pumpkin. 
She was so cute walking around and finding the one she wanted.
She found the Most Perfect one!!
Then she wanted a white one too and picked this one out for us.
Griffin found his perfect pumpkin!!
Huge right!??
He did so good.
Boys will be boys... 
Hahah Stephen placed his pumpkin perfectly in front of Griff right as I snapped the picture!!!
Stefan, Griff, and Stephan!
Aww I LOVE everything about all these pictures. It was a perfect night with some of our most amazing friends!!! We went to Longhorn afterwards for some delicious dinner then back to our house for a movie. It was one of the funnest nights!

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