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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Doggy Sitting

Over the weekend a couple weeks ago Griff and I were able to Puppy Sit Bentley!! The Blands were in Arizona helping Megan and Devin move back to SLC, so we had some fun sleepovers with the little guy. We went and picked him up on that Thursday it was crazy weather outside. When we got to our house Griff took him out it literally was a blizzard! So afterwards we decided to bath Bentley so he was nice a clean for bed time. He did good in the tub, but afterwards he was having a hard time in his bed so Griff put him in our bed. The next day he spent the day at his families while Griff was at work and I ran errands. In the evening we picked him up again and yes he did sleep in our bed that night too. It was so funny, he was in his bed on the floor but did not like it I wonder if he was a little home sick... but he ran over to Griffin's side of the bed wanting to be picked up but he didn't, so he then ran to my side, then back and forth until we picked him and he snuggled us both all night. In the morning Griff's brother Eric picked him up from us to take him to his parents.
It was a fun weekend having a puppy!!!

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