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Wednesday, July 4, 2012


  • I am now working for SporClips Haircuts again, I was working for a Laser Company but decided that it wasn't for me!! I love doing hair not removing it.
  • Blakelee is all registered for. YAY!! I will most likely be hoping online and adding a few things here and there. It is amazing how many things you have to get for one little person.
  • I have decided on the colors for her room... Yellow and White!!! I love how classy and clean it will look, also it wont be so trendy with the baby pink.
  • My cute parents are going to buy the crib for us and I could not be more thankful! What a purchase that is and I am so happy to have such generous parents.
  • Griff is now working for the Clearlink in Orem instead of SLC. He has only been there for a few days but it seems to be treating him ok. Fingers crossed for a promotion.
  • I finally did it.... I chopped my hair!! My hair was getting way long, it was past the middle of my back!! So it is now still longer then my shoulders but I did cut 5 inches off!! I have to admit I don't hate it and I am glad I did it!!
  • My belly is certainly starting to show :)!! I had a client the other day ask: "when are you due?" me: "October 2nd!!" client: "your kinda big to be due in October!" I was very shocked at how blunt this client was.... Some people!!
  • I love my baby bump even if some people think I am large I think I am right on track! :)
  • Blake's room isn't even touched... I know we are so behind!!! We have a bed in her room we need to move or get rid of, a laundry dry rack, and tons of our clothes in her closet! First things first we will have to find a spot for these things to make room for her furniture!!
  • Where is a cheap but good place to buy a dresser and little book shelf for her room?? I think the crib will be a dark brown so I want the same color!
  • I am very behind on Scrapbooking. Life has been out of control busy with everything I haven't had any time to do any spreads.
  • Insurance is driving me crazy!! If you are still on your parents insurance and are married thinking about having a baby... Get On Your Own Insurance!!! With this Obama plan the parents insurance will not cover the baby... I guess I should of thought about it but I figured she would have some kind of insurance. Our options: Jump on Griff's work insurance and deliver at a different hospital with a different Dr., or pray and cross our fingers that Blakelee is healthy and take our chances without her covered.. Dumb I know!! We will most likely be moving hospitals unless something works out with my parents and Griff's insurance to cover her at Riverton!!
  • I am in major need of a massage!! It is amazing how sore your back gets standing on your feet all day long.
  • We can not wait to see what our little one looks like!!! Griff and I discuss it a lot... eye color, nose, length, weight, down to her fingers, and personality!! It will be so much fun to see how she looks.
This is our busy life in a nut shell!!


Josh and Ashley said...

Thanks for the updates Kristin! I love hearing about your pregnancy! I definitely do NOT think you look too big...its just because you are so tiny that you are all belly - and it is so cute! Have you tried Buy Buy Baby for a dresser? They seem to have a good selection! And if you ever want a massage - I know just the right person! haha give me a call anytime! :)

Bland's said...

Oh thanks ash you are so cute!! We went to ikea and might of found her a dresser. Yay!!