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Monday, July 16, 2012

Blakelee up to date!!!

First things first... I just realized that I haven't posted any Ultra Sound pictures!! Now I only have these 2 for now but I will get get more on here. I love looking at these and seeing our super cute little girl!! Both of these were from Fetal Fotos. We have gotten some from our hospital as well but I haven't put them on the computer yet.
Blakelee: 15 weeks

Blakelee: 16 weeks
Isn't it crazy how much bigger she looks from just one week!! It blows my mind how fast she is growing. I was telling my mom yesterday that I think she is running out of room to grow.. She keeps pushing and nugging me as if she is trying to tell my belly to give her more room. Maybe she will be tall!?? Griff's side is tall and she might inherit that gene! I can tell that she is head down, I have been feeling some pressure there. Her little feeties are right by my ribs, she kicks and pushes on them daily. If I am not sitting with my back straight it sure hurts with her kicking my ribs. The other day I was laying down and I feel this bump right in between my ribs so I kinda grab at it and realize that it was her heal!! She quickly moved it, I probably scarred her! She has been getting the hiccups a few times and it makes me giggle I love that every few seconds my belly will bounce with her hiccup!! Her wittle bummy is right under my belly button, she will wiggle and push it right up against me and make my belly button stick way out!!
My back gets really sore as the day goes on.. especially on the days I don't get much time to sit or lay down. All that weight that my body is slowly trying to get use to really pulls on my muscles in my back. At the end of a work day my feet are pretty sore. The bottoms are bright red and kinda swollen, that's the price I pay for a standing job!!
I am 28 weeks along but tomorrow will be 29!! I will get a picture up soon! Time is FLYING!!!!!! I am starting to get pretty nervous, excited, scarred, and so happy. 11 more weeks and we will be parents... Can you believe that. Today the image of Griff and I driving our baby home from the hospital entered my mind and it gave me the butterflies. I know she is in my tummy and that she will be making her entrance soon, but at the same time it doesn't seem real! I know that we are old enough to be parents but sometimes I feel like we are still that 15 year old couple!
With time going so fast we really noticed that we have so much to do!! So I have been online and in stores looking for things for her room. I think we FINALLY found her furniture... I think I have changed my mind over 5 times but I love this...
Her Crib...
Her Changing Table...
And her Dresser!!
I saw these and immediately showed Griff and he loved them too! We are going to pull the trigger to buy them in about a week :) I am so excited. I think that it will feel more real when I walk down our hall and see a babies room instead of a guest/ junk room. We are in love with our little princess already words can not describe how we fell about her!!
Griff will rub my belly and tell her that he loves her, it melts my heart!!!
I have been wanting all the Holidays to get here... which is really unusual for me, when it is summer I never want it to end. But this year all I want is Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas to be here. I think the reason is because we won't be a family of 2 anymore we will be a family of 3 :D!!!

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