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Friday, July 27, 2012

Golf Tourney!!

Griff had a great opportunity to go play in a Tournament in Washington July 13 and 14. This year he signed up for the Golf Channel Armature Tour. He was so excited to play here at Cambers Bay!
It was a 2 day tournament which he loved!! His brother Devin is in Washington for a couple months with rotations so Griff stayed with him. Dev went with Griff on the tournament to caddie for him and take pictures! Thanks Dev!!
This Golf Course was like none that he had ever played on before, he said that the bunkers we way deep and there was fog all over the course. He really loved it.
Griff did such a good job, He took 2nd place!!!
They gave him a $300 gift card to go buy golf stuff!!
It also qualified him for Nationals in Florida. I am so proud of him. He has really stepped up and made golf a priority this year, he is so good!! I am a little wishy washy about Nationals.. so is he. We are not sure if he will be going.. first of all it is in Florida (pricey), and secondly It is the 2nd week of September and we are Due October 2nd.. So if for any reason I was so to early he would miss it! We will have to play it by ear.
I could not be more happy for him. He was looking forward to this tourney for a long time and he did so well!! Good job babe!

Not to mention on July 21st Griff played in Clearlinks Golf tourney. This is his team and they took 1st!!! Yay!! He got more gift cards to buy more golf stuff. He sure had a fun shopping spree buying lots of great things!! Good work Griffy you are a great golfer.

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