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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Kodachrome Basin

On May 23rd my family and I went to Kodachrome Basin to go camping. Kodachrome is about 30 minutes from Bryce Canyon. We headed out early on the 23rd for a 4-5 hour drive. It was Blake's first road trip, she did pretty good she slept most of the way. Griffin was unable to come on this trip because of work.. we missed him so much.

When we made it to camp we got all set up and got dinner ready. We stayed at camp and hung around the fire for the first night. The little girls all went to bed pretty early but Blakelee didn't want to stay asleep she kept waking up so I finally called it a night and went into the trailer to try to get her and I asleep. She was sleeping in the pack and play and she was not used to it, plus being somewhere new so she was very confused and did not want to sleep.
My mom came in to help me get her to sleep and they ended up playing for a bit. Blake was so happy my mom came to save her that my mom got a big wet kiss!!!
After a pretty rough night of Blake waking up every few hours and finally resulting to sleep in my bed, it was morning!!! A very chilly one at that. We got up had some yummy breakfast got ready for the day to head down to Bryce to hike around there all day.
The last time I was at Bryce I was very young so it was great to see all the amazing red rocks. We hiked all day the little girls loved it so much and wanted to walk all by themselves without any help. They would be so mad when we would hold their hands or pick them up because we were on a cliff.
After all of us were worn out we decided to head back to camp for some dinner and relaxing. 
And of course Smore's!!!!
Blakelee did a little better this night. My sister mentioned to have her sleep in her car seat since it is familiar to her. So we did that but she still woke up a few times through out the night. My parents let me sleep in their bed this night in case Blakelee needed to sleep with me, that way we had more room. So in the early morning around 4am I put Blake in my bed with me she finally fell asleep. But in the morning I noticed she peed through her diaper and peed my parents bed. 
Oh how stressful it is to camp with a baby!!!
On the 25th we went to see all the sites around Kodachrome. It was a lot of dirt roads and so many amazing rocks and arches. 
We found out that there was an arch that we wanted to hike up to but little did we know that it was a few miles to the arch. Thank heavens I brought Blakelee her sun hat or else she would have gotten burned. It was a very hot day.

After we went see another really awesome arch!!!

It was such a fun day we called it a night and all hit our pillows. Blakelee finally slept through the night!!!! It was amazing we all got such a good night sleep.

In the morning we took it easy. Zach went fishing and the rest of us hung out at camp. We had a huge rock mountain right behind our camp which we all had fun climbing on. 
After Zach got back from fishing we went on a little hike really close to camp, Mossy Cave! It was so pretty there were arches, waterfalls, and of course a cave.

Back at camp for the night we all got showered up (they had really nice showers at camp that we used every night!!). Of course this was a rock at camp that we saw every night. Hahahah!!! Naughty rock, or in Laryssa's words... "the rocket ship"
It was our last night at camp we were leaving in the morning. All the cousins were having a blast playing with each other.
Last Camp Fire!
In the morning we packed everything up and headed home. It was such a fun trip, a little stressful with Blakelee. It would have been a bit easier if Griff was there to help and if there would have been grass that she could have crawled on. But all in all it was a great get away!!

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