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Thursday, June 20, 2013

8 months

Blakelee was 8 months old on May 30th!! Every month seems to go faster and faster because we are trying to keep up with our little one. She is now a speedy crawler and roller. It is so funny she will even do this 360, as she is crawling she will scoot her legs under her which will turn her the opposite direction. If you walk away from her to do anything she will crawl as fast as she can to try to keep up with you. Sometimes she will cry as she crawls because she is so upset you left her side. It breaks my heart when I look down and she is crawling my way, crying, and saying "momma!!" I of course have to pick her up!!!
She loves to say Momma!! It puts the biggest smile on my face. She started saying momma about a month ago. She would randomly say it before that but she was never consistent but now she will look right at me lift her arms up and say momma. She has started saying dadda but it is a little harder for her. When she does say it Griff gets the biggest smile on his face. She has even started saying Babba but not consistent at all!! Now I do wonder if she understands what these words mean. But even if not it is so cute to hear her say them. 
Blake will do the stink bug crawl with her hands and feet on the ground, she also has started pulling herself up on the couch, stairs, and her crib. She wants to walk so badly. If you hold onto her fingers and walk with her she does so good!! It is so cute yet so not OK that she is big enough to want to walk!!
She gave up her binky!!! She would only use it for sleeping and even at that she would only suck on it for a sec then spit it out. Then one day she didn't want anything to do with it. She would push my hand away if I tried to give it to her so she winged her self off!!! It is nice that I didn't have to do the hard part.
I think honestly the reason she stopped wanting the binky was because her teeth were starting to pop in. When we were camping the end of May they started to come through. She has her 2 bottom teeth in the front. They are still not all the way up but you can see them. I even wonder if she is getting more with how she is acting. Being so clingy, sad, rubbing her ears, biting her fingers, and not wanting baby food!! I have to spoon feed her now, when before she would just hold the pouch and suck it out herself.
She is still so happy even though she is sad a lot with her teeth. She gets so happy when we play with her, hold her, and when she gets enough sleep.
She loves cartoons, so when I am getting ready for the day I can put any cartoon on and she will stare at the TV and just smile!
She is now able to eat meats, but they are not her favorite. She is so used to the sweet fruits... we will have to keep introducing them to her so she learns to like them.
Blake is still an amazing sleeper (unless she is not in her crib). She will go down around 8 now, she upped her bedtime by herself, and will sleep until usually 8 or 9 in the morning. She also loves her naps and will nap for a few hours. She still eats 6 oz every 3 ish hours. Boy does she love her bottle!!! 
I noticed this morning that she was waving at the TV while there was music going on. She was probably just more or less dancing but it was so cute. I can not wait till she waves hi and bye!!
She is my vacuum cleaner for sure... I have to be so careful with getting anything on the floor. She will find it as she is crawling and will put it in her mouth, then she will usually choke on whatever it is because it is to big or isn't supposed to be eaten!!!
Blakelee is one of a kind for sure and is learning so much every day!! She puts the biggest smile on everyone's face. She chunky cheeks and fuzzy hair will melt anyone's heart!! Yes she is getting hair!!!
We love her more and more every single day. I wonder how I can love her anymore then she does something that is the cutest and sweetest and I just do!!!
She is perfect!


Stephen said...
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Lara said...

She is adorable! Love you guys!