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Monday, June 17, 2013

My perfect world

Griff and I have been so busy with so much going on in our days lately that I have not had the time to blog for a little while. So here a a few fun pictures!!
On May 15th we went to see The Great Gatsby with Griffin's family. We took Blake with us hoping she would be good. She actually did really good for a baby. She sat very quite for the first almost hour. Then she started getting fussy so I stood down with her for about an hour then Griff came and switched me for the rest of the movie and he got her to sleep. Griff can always rock her to sleep! He has the touch :)!
On May 16th She held her food for the first time to feed herself!! It was amazing to watch her.
We then had ourselves a little photo shoot. She was so happy and full of energy so we had a great time taking TONS of photos!!
I just love my owls!!!
Our kitchen use to be red... I am beyond sick of it so we decided to switch the color to teal and white! It is in the process.
Can I just say I am so stinking in love with this little girl!!!
Seriously she is my heart!!!!
Kissing my nose!!
May 17th Blakelee found some awesome new toys...
Shoe Boxes haha, the things that entertain the little ones.
Afterwards we all got ready for dinner with Griffin's family!!
May 19th I went to church with my mom. I just love her Cheetah outfit that my mom gave her!!!
She then crashed and burned for a nap afterwards!!! She looks so peaceful.
She is my perfect world!!!

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