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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Thumb Sucking!!!

I have recently started winging Blakelee off her binky. Trying to only use it when she naps, goes to bed, or we are in public and she is being loud. I started to notice that she would bite on her thumb and then sometimes it would turn into a suck... Oh No!!!
Every time I would catch her in the act I would pull her thumb out and say NO!! She would look at me giggle and put it right back in, thinking I was playing a game with her haha!! Dang it. I stayed consistent with pulling it out every time and saying No No!!! She would keep it out for a little but every so often I would find it in her mouth.
Now I am not sure if she is sucking on it in replacement of the binky or.... biting it because her gums hurt from her darn teeth trying to break through...
Any who we gave in and let her have her binky back because I was NOT going to have a thumb sucker!!!
But as of late she has just chewed on the bink, tossed it, spit it out, and more so played with it!
Winging her self off??? Who knows, she is one smart cookie!

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