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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Random Happenings

April 23rd was defiantly not a day that I am proud of.... Griff and I bought a jogging stroller so when I am home with Blake I can take her out running with me. Since the weather has been getting so much nicer I decided I better get it out and actually use it. I went for a quick run, it look super nice out but it was actually SO windy. It was more of an arm workout trying to steer the stroller then a leg workout running. When I got back to my house I opened the garage and brought the stroller in. I headed toward my car to put the garage opener back inside and when I turned around I saw the stroller, with Blake still inside, flying down my driveway and tip!!!!! I Think I shouted a swear... don't judge... ran after her as fast as I could. She was crying way bad I just automatically thought the worse!! I grabbed her out wrapped her in my arms and said "it's ok, it's ok!!" She calmed right down. We went inside and I looked her over to make sure she wasn't broken. All I found was a red bump on her forehead. Thank heavens that was all that happened. I did have her bundled with a beanie, a jacket hood, blankets, and the sun visor from the stroller. We immediately iced it and it was gone the next day!! Worst feeling ever to experience!! I felt Horrible. She is a rockstar and was so happy even 5 minutes after the fall. Love her.
April 25th she got an ice cube to naw on for her teeth. She more sucked on it then anything but she LOVED it!! Silly girl.
April 27th was a movie night!! Lion King was on TV so we watched it together. Blakelee was in heaven, she was glued to the movie especially when they sang haha!! Got to get her hooked on Disney at a young age right?? :)
April 30th I was proud of my outfit!! Haha I might be a little obsessed with Fashion. Griff pays to golf I pay to have cute outfits. But I do need a mini shopping spree soon!! 
Baby girl just tired, worn out, sick of teething!!! By the way NO teeth are breaking through yet... she is one tough little girl!
May 2nd was a great day we met my mom for lunch at Culver's. It was delicious, even Blake enjoyed it. She had a fry and tried a pickle. I know it looks like she isn't loving the pickle but after the first taste she was diving for it when we took it away. She is definitely her daddy's girl, he loves his pickles. After lunch back at home I saw an Ice Cream truck driving through our neighborhood!! What in the world?? I didn't think they did those any more. When I was little I saw them all the time, but now I never see them. I was so tempted to get an ice cream with Blake but she was asleep in her car seat and I was in the process of getting her out to put down for a nap... I am kicking myself for not just waking her up to get our first spring/summer ice cream!!! After her nap I gave her baby yogurt!! She ate it and loved it but an hour later she did throw some of it up.. I think since that was her first dairy product her tummy had a hard time with it.
Then it was bath time!!
Ho Ho Ho!!!
May 6th I wore my new Nike work out clothes!!! It was so much nicer running with the right clothes. I never knew how much of a difference it makes. Love Nike!!
May 7th was just a pajama party!! And yes we might both be wearing Monkey's. Love nights with her baths, bottles, playing, giggles, and best of all night time snuggles!!!!!
The last few weeks in review.
I know it looks like we never see Griffin since he is not in any pictures... well we don't see him as much as we would like since our work schedules are opposite so we don't have to have a baby sitter everyday. We see him at night and weekends. We miss him so much!!
Love my family!!

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