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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Christmas TIme

Christmas Day was a very fun filled day for us. We woke up at the Bland's house. Megan just got back from working her shift and her and Dev were giving each other their Christmas upstairs. I heard Blake's crying in her room so I grabbed her and fed her. We then all woke up and headed upstairs. 
Blakelee in her new Christmas Jammie's!
Little Beau man!! Love his bed head :)
We all got the presents from under the tree and handed them out to everyone. Christmas then began!! We got some amazing gifts and were super excited to see everyone else gifts.
We got lots of clothes, shoes, pots and pans, jewelry, socks, cologne, golf stuff, and lots of things for miss Blakelee!!
Our Disneyland book we gave to Debbie and Scott.
Her first time trying something other then her bottle. Merry Christmas to her.
The best hair ever!! Love this little man.
Dressed and ready for the Holiday.
Next over to my parents for more gifts and yummy dinner!!!
Lindsay and Zach were there as well we all got so spoiled. More clothes, curling iron, food storage things, and lots of toys and clothes for Blake's. After gifts my grandparents arrived and we sat down for honey baked ham!! Mmm.. Delish.
Love all these girls!!! They are so darling.
Hahah such a cutie.
Toms from Griffin :)
We of course had the Christmas Story on. Love this show!!
Grandpa and Grandma Anderson
Grandpa and Grandma Payne
I wanted to get pictures with all the grandparents for Blakelee's first Christmas.
Our Family!!!! We had such a fun Christmas together. It is so much fun having a little one around for the Holidays and we can not wait for the years to come to watch her get so excited about Santa! It will be the best feeling in the world.
Merry Christmas hope everyone had a great day. We sure did. It is so sad to see it go but I know that next year will be even better. Traditions were a bit different this year with grandma's doing their parties on different days but it all worked out. I know that this holiday will continue to change with traditions since we are all having kids and will be having our own Christmas mornings within a year or so. But it will be so much fun having that as our OWN tradition!! :)
Ho Ho Ho!!

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