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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Color Schemes

I think we have decided on this crib for her room. I still do love a lot of the white cribs but I am not sure about having a white dresser... I think it might look cheap.
So we found this crib and both have really liked it!!
Now is the time to decide on what color we want to do her room. We have found many different ways to do it. And a lot of different fun colors.
In a way I want it more calm and classy then bright and loud, but as long as we like the colors then we are good to go.
This yellow and white is my first choice.
Don't mind the weird rug we wont be doing that!!
But I love how bright and classy this looks.
The rest are in order of love to like.
Now I just need help to choose the best color schemes!!!
She needs a cute fun and bright room.
I can not even wait to start on her room. We have so much to do to get it ready for her in October. Time is flying so I hope that we get it done in time!!!

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Laura Willardson said...

oh my gosh I LOVE all those rooms! I love the first and second one too! ahh.. how exciting! It must be so fun, choosing all the colors and everything! :)