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Monday, June 11, 2012

23 weeks!!

How far along? We are now 23 weeks along!! Tomorrow will be 24 weeks. Holy Moly the time is just flying by.

Total weight gain: I have gained about 8 pounds. Never been this weight before... even though it is healthy to gain the weight it is so hard to stand on the scale and see the numbers jump this high!!

Maternity clothes? Yes. I wear a few shirts and pants that are maternity, but I still can fit into my regular shirts.. not the pants though.

Sleep: It is getting harder and harder each night to sleep through the night. My doctor told me to sleep on my sides and if I want to sleep on my back I need a pillow propping up one of my hips. It isn't very comfy. But I do get into some deep sleeps with some crazy dreams, so that is good!

Stretch marks? Still no!! Yay I am keeping my fingers crossed for none.

Miss Anything? Stomach sleeping. I love just snuggling up to my pillow and laying on my tummy. Also being able to wear a 2 piece at the pool.

Best moment this week: We were out to dinner and she did a body roll down my stomach Haha!! It was the most crazy sensation.

Movement: Oh my goodness we have a mover. She is pretty good to sleep when I am sleeping or at least hold still but through out the day when I am sitting down or just after I eat she is going nuts.

Gender: Girlie Girl!!

Food cravings: This week I have wanted and loved Cheerios... weird because I am usually not a fan of them.. As healthy as it sounds it isn't.. I put honey on the top of them!! Mmm!!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Around 11am if I haven't had a big glass of water or sprite I get very nausea's. No food will sound good until I get hydrated.

Labor Signs: Nothing yet. Good thing.

Symptoms: My right hip has been so sore and feels like I need to pop it back into place!! The bottom of my ribs are starting to get sore from my belly growing.

Belly Button in or out? Getting flatter!!! It will be so funny when and if it pops out!!

Wedding rings on or off? Still on and roomy!! When I am super hot my ring has always been a bit snug but it is fitting the exact same as it did before getting pregnant.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Not going to lie I have been a bit more moody lately. More things are starting to bug me and make me on edge. I feel like I do control it and not lash out but I still feel that I am getting frustrated more this past week..

Husband this week: Hanging in there!! He is stressed with Insurance and a few other things that we need to get sorted out before to much more time passes.. But he is still feeling my tummy in hopes that she will give him a good kick hello.

Looking forward to: Having a baby shower!! My cute friend Lara has offered to throw me one and I am thrilled!!! It will be so much fun and I can not even wait have it. Also to get registered!

Baby Size: Grapefruit, Average size: 10.5 inches, 12.7 oz.

Names: Blakelee Marie Bland

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Laura Willardson said...

aw that is so neat!! crazy how all different things happen when you are pregnant. so much fun!