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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Mothers Day.

For mothers day my mom had us all over for dinner. My grandparents also came over to celebrate the holiday with us. We got my mom a wagon for all her scrapbooking supplies. She also got a certificate to get a massage! My cute nieces made all the grandmas a cute painting, they loved it! And my mom got me a bracelet that each year I will be getting a charm to go on it for Mothers Day.
We went to church with my mom and all the girls got some flowers.
The day before Griff gave me a Gift Card to go to Leatherbees!!
So even though I am not "technically" a mom yet... I got spoiled.
I do think that being pregnant with sickness, food cravings, mood swings, hip and back pains, not being able to eat some of your favorite foods, not being able to sleep on your stomach, and hot flashes is defiantly considered the start of being a mom.
After dinner at my moms we went to visit Griff's mom. We gave her a Gift Certificate to go get her nails done at her favorite nail salon. She also got some fun gifts from her family.
Once gifts were given we had our annual Sunday Movie Night!!
What a fun Mothers Day.
Leatherbees Night out for Mother's Day!
I am learning more every day about what moms do for their kids. I see what my mom and Griff's mom do for all of us and it blows my mind how amazing these ladies are!! I love them very much. This past week has been a very difficult one for Griff and me and my sweet mom and sister have both stepped up and mothered me to the end. They have been there for me with comfort and guidance. They have really been amazing to Griff and I and I could not thank them more. Moms are the best and I am so thankful to have these moms in my life to teach me and help prepare me for when our little one makes her entrance. I am not going to lie I am nervous for everything but at the same time I could not be more excited. I know that you learn and grow as time goes on, so I will figure it all out. I am very blessed to be able to be a mom and I can't wait for her to look at me as her mom and put all her trust in me. It will be scary at times but the most wonderful feeling too!!

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Cami said...

Is that a Tracy's peanut butter cup? Ha! That's my favorite thing there. Let's have a date some time! :)

Being a mom can be challenging but its also the most rewarding thing. You have such great examples to look up to, and you're going to be so great! Once the baby is here you forget about most of the hard parts of pregnancy anyways! :)