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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Savvy is 5 months!

On February 5th Savvy turned 5 months!! 
She is growing so dang fast but is so small still!!! She is very petite!
When she was 5 months... 
-She was wearing 3 month clothes
- Eating solids
-4 to 6 oz bottles
-Sleeping almost through the night. Waking up a few times for a binky
-Loves her binky
-Smiling all the time
-Sitting in her high chair
- Rolling from her belly to back but having a hard time rolling from back to belly
- Still acting like she was 3 months, wanting to be rocked, snuggled, and just so small!!
I love snuggling her so much. She is my snuggler!!!
Perfection at the finest!!! 

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Lindsay said...

Love her cute little outfit!!