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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

February in Review

This year flying so fast!! And I am so behind on everything that has happened so far! My girls are growing too quickly... It is a love hate relationship to watch them get bigger!! Love seeing them learn and get big! But hate knowing they are getting big!! Love them so much. I spend so much time with them. We try to do fun things but there are days we stay at home to relax, clean, and play.

..February 1st..
Super Bowl Sunday. First we went to church then we got ready to head to our friend Debbie's house for the game and goodies!! I met my family there.

..February 3rd..
Morning with my babes!

..February 4th..
Morning routine!!
Blakelee loves getting ready with me. Putting on make up, perfume, and even deodorant!!

..February 5th..
Heading to Lindsay's house so the girls can play!! Blakelee thought she was big enough to drive us there haha!!! We are in trouble!!! The girls enjoyed a bath together and played for hours afterwards!
..February 7th..
Bed time for this princess!
..February 8th..
We went to church with my parents since we woke up to late to make it our ward.
Blakelee was having a hard time to go to Nursery by her self. So my mom stayed with her the first half and then I stayed with her the second half. After church Blakelee tried to drive again!! Haha!! Then we spent the day with my parents! Then we went to Baylee's Pajama 2nd Birthday Party!!


..February 10th..
Lazy mornings!
..February 11th..
Milk Coma!
..February 12th..
Errands with the girls!
..February 20th..
Night time bath and chores!!
Blakelee loves the tile vacuum. She thinks it is the best thing ever. And I am not one to stop her from helping me clean.
..February 22nd..
Morning bath time! Then time to go to Grandma and Grandpas!
They got a toy train and Blakelee loved every minute!!

..February 25th..
After working the morning I got to spend the night with my girls! Pajama party and Ice Cream!

..February 26th..
Snack time and cleaning!! Blake loved spinning in the curtains! 

..February 27th.
Friday morning with my girls!! Cleaning and Costco!!!

..February 28th..
My cute Cousin watched the girls while I worked all day on a Saturday!! I got these cute pictures while working!


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