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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Birthday Fun

October 25th is my mom's birthday as well as my father in laws birthday. So in the morning we all went out to breakfast at Denny's. Afterwards the girls and I went over to my parents house to cut my dad's hair and to spend the day with them. 
It was such a great fall day. My parents have the best fall backyard with all the trees. There were tons of leaves on the ground so I showed Blake and we all played in the leaves for awhile. Blakelee had a blast, she loved it when we would toss the leaves in the air, she would just giggle!!
Seriously!!! I think she had the time of her life.
Fall is the best season ever!!! As much as I love summer I love Fall!!!
"Look Mom!!" Loving all the crunchy leaves.
Papa tossing leaves at her!
After playing in the leaves we had some lunch then Blakelee went down for a nap! While she was sleeping my sister came over to have me do her make up like a fairy for their ward Halloween party!
Then I finally decided I better cut Blakelee's hair. Everyone would tell me how much her hair looked like a mullet... Yes it did but with a bow it was long and cute. She has hair just like mine when I was little. She doesn't grow hair on the sides just above her ears. So if she grew hair there then it wouldn't look like a mullet haha. So I cut off about 1inch. It looks so much better but still need that side hair for it to not be a mullet!
That night we went out to dinner at the Chuck Arama with Griff's family for Scott's birthday. It was a nice night out and very yummy.
Happy Birthday you two!!!

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