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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Daybreak park and Picnic

On May 30th my sister invited Blake and I to come have a picnic with her and her girls and our friend Alica and her little girl. We met at a little park and river in Daybreak and let the girls play the day away. The river was a hit but it was slippery so we had to really watch them. We then had some lunch and then headed over to the park. The slide was huge for the little girls but they had a blast and didn't want to leave. But unfortunately it was nap time and I had to take Blakelee home. She was not happy with me!!! She loves spending time with her cousins and her aunt Lindsay!! She cries every time they leave or we have to leave. If it were up to her she would live with them!!
Such a fun day we will have to do it again!!!
..2 days shy of 25 weeks..

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Lindsay said...

Awe...love my little Blakers!