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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Camping at Crystal

On May 2nd - 4th my family and I loaded up the trailer and went to Crystal Hot Springs. We go every spring. It is such a fun family camping trip. 
On the first day My mom dad and I got there before everyone else. So we set up camp and got dinner started. That way when everyone arrived we could start to eat and enjoy the night. We were thinking about going to the hot pots that night but the night got away from us. So after dinner we let the girls play at the play ground and we sat around the fire.
The next morning we woke up early and had breakfast. It was a chilly morning... Blakelee actually slept really well this night. Thank heavens!!! She is sleep trained to sleep in her own room so any vacation is a struggle... She doesn't understand!
We then got on our swim suits and went to the hot pots. It turned out to be such a nice day. Blakelee and I stayed for a few hours and played then it was time to take her up and put her down for a nap. We had some lunch and then went back to the hot pots. 
That night we showered up and had some dinner. Then we made pies over the fire and played some games. It was a great last night. 
The next morning we loaded up the trailer, had some breakfast, and hit the road back home... It is always nice to go camping with the family. Even though Blakelee has some hard nights the days are defiantly worth it. I love camping so much and just looking back over these pictures makes my heart so happy!!! Yet so sad that I have to wait till next year to be able to go camping again!!

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