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Friday, May 23, 2014

More then Half Way!

20 weeks
22 weeks

How far along? I am 23 weeks and 6 days.

Total weight gain: About 5 pounds.

Maternity clothes? Just wearing leggings and regular shirts. I would rather wear my sweats all day if I could get away with that.

Sleep: Starting to not sleep well... I have been getting a good amount of heart burn almost every night that keeps me up, having to go pee a lot through the night, and my arms are getting sore from sleeping on my sides since that is the only position that I can do now.

Stretch marks? None lets hope it stays that way!

Miss Anything? Shopping for new clothes. It isn't something you can really do when your body is changing so much..

Best moment this week: Was able to buy a big girl bed for Blakelee!

Movement: She is moving! I mostly feel her when I lay down. It is so fun to feel all the wiggles.

Gender: GIRL!!

Food cravings: Still eating lots of cereal, wanting fruit, and shakes.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Every once in a while I get a wave of sickness if I haven't eaten well or had enough water and I am standing or walking around. If I am sitting or laying I am usually just fine.

Labor Signs: Nothing.

Symptoms: Belly is popping out more and more each day!

Belly Button in or out?  Slowly becoming more flat!

Wedding rings on or off? Still on.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Moody!! But yet it depends on who I am around haha!

Husband this week: He has a busy few months ahead of him putting things together for Blakelee's big girl room.

Looking forward to: Snuggles from this little one.

Baby Size: 8.5 Inches 1.5 pounds roughly the size of an ear of corn.

Names: Have a few I like but have not decided fully on one.

I am seriously in shock at how quickly this pregnancy is going. I am not even prepared at all to have 2 kids right now. We have so much to get done still with all the transitions... We bought Blakes her big girl bed today!!!! I am thrilled to get it put together so we can start to introduce her to it so she isn't is shock when the baby comes thinking the baby stole my room!!! It is very cute and low to the ground so it shouldn't be to hard for her to adapt to it. She has napped in regular beds before but nothing consistent enough to be certain that it will be easy or hard on her. I have lots of ideas on how I want her room so I am very excited to see how it will all end up. Blakelee is also showing many signs of wanting to be potty trained!!! Happy Day!! Her cousin had to go potty the other day and Blakes saw her use the big potty and she started to pull her pants off and reaching for the potty, laughing my head off and having tears running down my face from laughing so hard at how cute and funny the whole thing was, I helped her take her pants and diaper off. She sat on the potty and even grabbed toilet paper to wipe herself then said she was done. We have a potty for her at home and she will sit on it throughout the day. She is now grabbing at her diaper anytime she pees a little and if she sees a potty she will want to sit on it. My goal was to have her potty trained by December this year, that way we didn't have 2 kids in diapers for very long. But by the looks of things and how the training goes, Blakes might be potty trained lots sooner. Now fingers crossed I can figure out how to train her without having all this time off work. I hear you have to be home with them to keep it pretty consistent. 
I will be officially on my maternity leave starting September 10th to November 10th. Baby girl is due September 14th, so fingers crossed I don't go into labor while I am at work... That would be awful! I am thrilled to be able to take 8 weeks off this time around and hopefully get as adjusted as we all can during that time frame. I am starting to get more and more baby hungry the more I feel her move around. Not that I wasn't already, but when I found out we were expecting I was so nervous knowing I was going to have 2 kids! Blakelee is growing so fast and learning something new every day and I think it has helped me to be more excited to have a baby!! 2 reasons... Blakelee isn't a baby anymore and because she is getting to point that she helps me and understands me better. It will be so nice to have a helper with the baby!!! She throws things away for me when I ask her to and picks things up for me if I need her to. She is learning how to listen. 
So for the next 16 weeks of my pregnancy we will be:
..Potty Training
..Setting up a big girl bed
..Buying the rest of the big girl room furniture
..Calling the insurance about a breast pump
..Getting baby clothes out and washed
..Moving Blakes to her new room
..Buying baby diapers
And much more I am sure. Things always come up or you remember what needs to be done as soon as it is crunch time. We are thrilled to meet this little girl. Now that I know more what to expect with Labor and having a new born at home, I think I am more excited because I am more prepared. I know you can't fully prepare when it is the unknown but I feel like I will be able to handle it a little more smoothly then I did with Blakes. With Blakes I was a mess.... I was so confused and my world was completely turned upside down, I had no clue what to do or how to handle my every day tasks. So now that I understand the stress and time of new born better I feel like I will adapt better.... lets hope!!

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Lindsay said...

You still don't even look prego! I hope Blakes catches on to potty training quick. Bring her over and just have Jaelyn train her! LOL. Can't wait for baby!