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Monday, April 14, 2014

Little One at 18 weeks

How far along? In this picture I am 15 weeks to the day, but as of today I am 18 weeks 1 day.

Total weight gain: I have only gained about 2 pounds so far, even though I look like I have gained much more.

Maternity clothes? Not really. I mostly wear leggings and lose shirts, but I can still wear my skinny jeans even though through out the day I might have to unbutton them!

Sleep: I sleep pretty good as of now!! Thank heavens. Other then more potty breaks through out the night I feel like I am getting some great sleep!

Stretch marks? None!!!

Miss Anything? Nothing really right now. But I guess I would say sea food... I know I can eat some things but I never know exactly what that is.

Best moment this week: This Friday we have our 18 week appointment, Not sure what they will do in that appointment but hoping to see the baby!!

Movement: I have felt the baby move once in awhile. Little kicks here and there but you really have to be in tune to feel them.

Gender: We know but we are revealing the gender on Easter. 

Food cravings: I will crave something randomly, but nothing very consistent. Mostly I want cereal!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Standing for long periods of time without eating or drinking anything for a bit will make me dizzy!

Labor Signs: No not this early.

Symptoms: Just starting to get a belly and very tired all day!

Belly Button in or out? Still in but I have an outtie!

Wedding rings on or off? Oh still on!

Happy or Moody most of the time: I have been every emotion with this pregnancy, mostly I have been moody and easy to make mad, then I am emotional... Sucks!

Husband this week: Just thinking of names!!

Looking forward to: Getting lots of projects off my list before the baby comes!

Baby Size: 6 inches .5 pounds roughly the size of a mango.

Names: Nothing set in stone.

This pregnancy has flown by... I am already almost half way and I feel like I haven't crossed anything off my to do list before this little one arrives. We need to make our spare room into Blakelee's big girl room and move everything from that room down into the basement. Hoping that we can start on the basement so we can have an area for our computer (since our spare room is our computer room as well) and make an extra closet down there for all our extra clothes that are in the spare closet. Those are top of my list. 
I have tried to show Blakelee that there is a baby in mommy's tummy because she points to belly's when you ask her where her belly is at. So sometimes she will point to mine and I say "baby!" then she corrects me saying "momma!!!" haha! I think she will love being a big sister although I know it will be an adjustment for her to share momma and daddy. But she loves babies and will point at all the babies she sees and says "bobba" aka baby. She loves her baby doll and will give her kisses and rock her so hopefully she will keep that up with her younger sibling.
It is crazy knowing that before Blakelee's 2 year birthday we will have have another one on our hands. I have been through just about every emotion knowing that we will have another baby in 22 weeks... At the very beginning of finding out I was pregnant I was terrified, but as time has gone on and seeing Blake learn and grow so much so quickly I am getting more and more baby hungry to meet this baby!! I would like to say that I am preparing myself for the stress and craziness that 2 kids will bring my life but you never truly know until you are in the situation, I learned that with Blake's. But on the other hand knowing more as to what to do as far as mom instincts, nursing, bed time routines,  naps, and just knowing what you would've done differently with your first... I think I am more prepared... I hope!
I will be taking 8 weeks off this time around hoping that will help me and the kids to get on a good routine or at least start the routine. With Blake I only took 5 weeks... It was nice to get back to daily life but it was beyond stressful because it was far to early to go back. I will still be working after this baby but the plan is to only work 3 days. Right now I work 4 days but every Tuesday I have to find and ask for sitters because no one can fully take that day as it is with one kid let alone 2. So I will only work Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. I am not going to lie it would be wonderful if it worked out for me to stay home... as much as I LOVE what I do and I know I would get stir crazy needing to get out of the house alone, but it would be so nice to be a mom full time. Right now juggling 2 jobs as a stylist and mom can be exhausting. I wouldn't trade either for the world because they are both blessings in our life but being a mom is a much bigger blessing!
We can not wait for our family to grow and to meet our little bundle of joy in a few short months. Everything will change but for the better!

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