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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Our Random Updates

Here are just a few updates of our life!!
What will Blakelee be for Halloween?? You will all just have to wait. But lets just say she will be so dang cute!!!
 We got her into a front facer car seat. She has loved and hated it at the same time. She loves the fact that she can see us and out the windows, but she hates that we don't pay attention to her while we are driving.
 Laryssa started Pre-School at a new school this year. Her last pre-school doesn't have animal time like her new one!! She loves it.
Yellow matching day at uncle Russ' 50th Surprise Birthday!!
Blakelee has been free standing for so long and I know that she can walk if she just would, but she gets nervous!! She has taken 2 or more steps but they are little and she will sit right back down. She gets scared.
The Sportclips Car came to our store a few weeks ago. This Mustang has been nation wide for all the other stores to see and sign. We finally got the opportunity to sign our names on the car.
Aww I love her and her big eyes!! Bath time is her most favorite time of the day.
My tired baby!
We hang out!!!
 Eating her bread and making a mess!! Haha she loves food.
Kisses for the best daughter ever!
Girls night.
Fall nights are the best. She never sleeps with her blankets covering her, but now that it is cold outside I have found her snuggled in her blankets.
Helping mommy put up Halloween. She loves the holidays just like I do. I can not wait for all the holidays this year since she will be older and will be able to do more.
Going shopping with her cousin. Jae loved helping Blake eat her puffs haha!! What a great helper.
My cute nieces playing outside on such a nice fall day.
Blakelee loves her birthday golf set. Daddy would be proud but is at work and isn't here to enjoy how much she loves them.
I love my family so much and love spending as much time with them as possible. It is crazy to realize how fast this year is going by and fast Blakelee is growing up. It is officially fall weather here and we are in love with the cooler crisp air. We have a fall check list that we are going to try and do.
Here it is!!!

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