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Saturday, October 5, 2013

1 Year Photo Shoot

Do I really have a 1 year old?? I still feel like she should be only maybe 7 months old at the oldest. This year went by far to quickly. I can still remember everything about last year. I was in labor for so long!!! I started contracting on Sept 29th early in the morning at about 3 or 4am. My contractions continued to get closer as the day went on. My mom, sister and I were at the Scrapbook Expo and I would all the sudden get the worst pain in my stomach. After the expo I called Griff to tell him we needed to head to the hospital, I was crying while telling him because I was so scared!!! We made it to the hospital around 9ish and were sent home around 12am because I was not dilated enough. We went back out around 2 or 3am because I was in so much pain. They admitted me!!! Blakelee wasn't born until 2:35pm.... I pushed for 2 1/2 hours! It was a very long and painful few days but our little princess finally made it. She has been the light of our lives. We have loved having her in our family and watching her learn and grow every single day!!
Blakelee is growing right before our eyes. She is  29 inches long...75%, 20 pounds 55%, and her head is the 35%! She is perfect. We love watching her learn and grow. She says "whatsthat" and will point at everything. So we answer and will tell her what it is she is pointing at. She will also point and say "oooooh!" I love when she drops something or something falls and she say "oh!!!" I have tried to teach her Uh Oh but she only caught onto the Oh part. Hahah silly girl. She loves saying Hi. She says hi all the time, when we go to the store and a kid walks past her she will quickly say "HI" while staring and waiting for them to reply. Momma and Dadda use to be top of her vocab but we never hear her say them anymore. But it is fun to hear her say other things.
We can play with her and she will giggle and laugh so much now. Some of her favorite play times are being tossed on our bed into the comforter, being chased, tickled, tossed into the air, playing with her toys, and watching cartoons.
She is so speedy when it comes to the stairs she will cruise up them, but has not figured out how to climb down them. When I show her how to she gets so mad at me! She can free stand and will stand right up and for quite awhile. She has taken a few steps but nothing that has been consistent. I know she can walk but she is scared and doesn't know what she is doing. She has a walk toy and she will push it and walk with no problems... any day hopefully she will walk. I know everyone says it is so hard when they walk, but in my eyes I think it will be one of the greatest milestones. And will be so nice to just put her down and she can walk with me instead of us holding her.
She is able to eat everything now!!! So we tried giving her a peanut butter sandwich and she had a hard time with how thick it was. She loved it but decided it was hard work. We will have to keep giving it to her. We found out she might be allergic to milk... well vitamin D milk. She split some on her foot a few weeks back and it went immediately red. So I ask her Dr. and he said to put her on Soy milk. Then in 6 months try the Vitamin D milk again. She is fine with other dairy products so she is not lactose. But we just started her on Soy last night and when I went to get her out of her crib this morning there was throw up on her blankets... I don't know if she had an upset tummy or if it was the Soy!! We are trying out the soy today and if the same thing happens we will give Vitamin D another try. Or we might just have to pay a bit more and do Toddler Formula. Poor baby!!!
She has mastered how to drink those baby food pouches... finally!!!! She always knew how to but would refuse to do it herself and always wanted me to spoon feed them to her. So I now refuse to and she will feed herself. She wants to feed herself with everything now... it is nice but somethings she can't and she gets so mad at me.
She will only drink her milk out of a sippy... I have tried water and juice and very rarely will she drink it. So I just keep trying to introduce them to her hoping she will one day just drink it.
Bath time is her favorite. If she is ornery a bath will always fix it. She can spend almost an hour in the tub entertain herself. She has so many bath toys and will play with all of them. But when bath time is over and it is time to lotion up and put jammies on she screams and squirms!! She hates it. 
For bed time she still loves her crochet blankets and will giggle when she has them on her. She will grab it and place it right by her face!!
She is such a busy body it is so hard to get good pictures of her. I try to take them on my phone and I always miss the best ones. But if I take them with our Cannon I can capture all the good one. It is so fun to have such a busy body but at the same time it is tiring. She wants to play all the time and wants attention all the time. But if she gets one of the 2 then she is the happiest baby around. She does have a bubble and when to many people are invading her bubble she gets so mad and will scream until people move away from her. She is a mommy's girl but that doesn't mean that when daddy's around she won't go to him. Because she will!!!! She loves her parents and will be so happy when we are holding her. She also loves her grandparents and aunts and uncles!!! She never pulls away or cries when any of them hold her or play with her. It makes me so happy to know she is comfortable with all of them.
Little Blake is a sassy little one. She will give crusty looks at everyone who she thinks deserve the look!! It is so funny because I was the exact same way. Her personality is sassy but yet still so fun and cute. We love how spunky she is.
Baby Blakes is one of a kind and we can not get enough of her!! We love her more then words can describe!!!!! Happy 1st year princess.


Lindsay said...

I can't believe she is one either! I still remember the expo like it was yesterday! I love little Blakes! The pictures are beautiful!

Caitlyn said...

These are adorable! You'll have to let me take some family pictures of you guys for my portfolio sometime :)