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Friday, September 6, 2013

Blakelee's 10 and 11 months

10 months!!!
I am so behind on updating my blog! Blakelee is already 11 months and I have no idea where time went. She is growing so fast and learning so much. We love her more and more everyday!!! I never knew I could love such a little person this much. I miss her any time I am away from her, and I smother her with hugs and kisses when I see her. So does her daddy!! She is so loving and will show it. She gives wet kisses, hugs/ loves, and will snuggle! When she excited to see you she can't even catch her breath she is so happy she starts giggling and diving for you to hold her. It is the cutest thing ever.
She is starting to be very observant. Everything she see hanging on the wall she will point and say "ooohhh!!" or "wwhhasssthhha" sounds like Whats That. It is adorable. She loves when she finds something to look at on the walls or on the TV and will make sure we see what she sees. She is really using her voice more and more. She says momma, dadda (daddy), hi, oh, and no. But still don't think she knows what she is saying. But on the other hand she is a great story teller. She is always babbling some story waving her arms, it must be really intense. 
She has mastered the stairs only going up. She will not let us even show her how to go down the stairs. She starts crying and gets so mad at us. She will start climbing the stairs, turn around and look at us to make sure we are watching, then climb all the way to the top, crawl into the bathroom and start hitting the tub with a huge smile on her face. If you take her away from the bath tub she has a fit. And she will try to get a bath about 5 times a day. But once it is bath time and I grab her towel she gets so excited and starts hitting her towel then will bite it!!! Hahah she kills me. She will stand in the tub most of the time and will tell me stories while playing with her toys. Then when she is ready to get out she will either stand and try to get out herself or she will look at me so I say "you want out??" she will say " ottt." Aww I love her.
11 months!!!
She is starting to eat more and more foods every day. I have started running out of ideas of what to feed her. She gets lots of baby food, treats, chips, crackers, bread, cereal, oatmeal, mac and cheese, roman, soup, and Eggo's. She loves her food. She is in her high chair more then not! But if I leave the room for a sec or go lay down on the couch, if I am not right there right by her she gets mad. So if I do lay down she will cough or squawk until I look at her then she will laugh and continue eating.
She is officially off the bottle. We started her on her sippy cups the day she was 11 months old. The first day she looked at the cup very confused when she knew it was bottle time. But we started her on the sippy cup that has more of a soft top so it was an easier transition. We don't even carry around the bottle or let her see one and now when she sees her sippy she gets very excited. She has done great with the trade!!!
This little girl loves to be entertained. She has a basket of toys on our TV stand that she goes straight to when she is around them. Loves playing with her toys and stuffed animals in her bedroom every time that we are in her room. She gets so excited when I sit on the floor and play with her. Usually I am cleaning up or putting clothes away but I try to make as much time to play with her. She loves cartoons and movies that sing or have back ground music that she can dance to. She loves to explore the house and find new and exciting things to play with such as our closet, the bathrooms, and the laundry room! She has her play saucer in the computer room that she will play in while we are on the computer. For the most part she will entertain herself for a few hours but sometimes we have to get creative and give her toys in her high chair, take her on a walk, run errands, chase her and tickle her and much more. 
Blake is still such a great sleeper at night. We upped her bed time to 7:30 which means she is up between 7:30-8:30. If I give her a sippy cup she will usually go back down for about an hour... but as of lately she just cries or talks to her self until we go get her. She use to sleep for 2-3 hours 2 times a day for her nap time but she has recently as of a week ago started only wanting one 1 hour nap and then later she will take about 2-3 hour nap. I am not happy to see the day that the 2 naps end!!! But at least she has a schedule that she will stick to :D!!
I love everything about this girl!!! She has the cutest chubby cheeks that are so kissable. I never want them to disappear. She hates getting dressed unless she has something to distract her. She is so so long and is growing taller every day. Her jammies that she wears is 12-18 months, she will fit into 9-12 month clothes. She may be so tall but she is so skinny!!! Her 12 months bottoms are so loose on her waist. She loves animals and says "OOoooo!!!" while pointing every time she sees any kind of animal.

I can not wait for all the Holidays this year!! She will be so much fun. She is at such a fun age and getting more fun every single day.
We love you baby girl!!!!!!

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