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Thursday, August 22, 2013

5K Glow Run

On August 3rd we ran in our first 5k!! It was a Glow Run that they held at Sugar House Park. Our friends Steve and Lara ran with us and actually invited us to run with them.
We met at my moms house so we could all drive together. My mom and dad kept Blakes for us. After we left they put her down for bed.
Once we arrived at Highland High we got all decked out in our glow accessories and started stretching. 
Hahah the boys stretching!!
There was a HUGE turnout!! More then I had imagined!!
Some people went way out as you can tell.
Off we went to run 3 miles. Griff and I started off running at our own pace. I have been trying to run 1-2 times a week for the summer (trying to get my body back in shape) and Griff had ran maybe 2 times all summer and he took off as if it was nothing!!! Boys... right?? Not fair!! I ended up catching up to him or he ended up letting me catch up to him. We ran the first mile and a half alone and the last mile and a half together. The whole race was twice around Sugar House Park. 
We made it in 33 mins!! Not bad not bad!
After the race they had all sorts of treats and water for us to re-fuel. The picture of Griff is a little blurry I was still worked up from running.
 Steve and Lara were right on our tails!!! They did awesome. :)
We got all the goodies we could handle, stretched some more and headed to get some late night dinner at Village Inn!!
Such a great night with my hubby and friends. 
I can not wait to run another race, who knew I would end up craving the run?? Haha!!

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{Lara} said...

That was so fun! Theres one in October called the Night of Running Dead that we should do! (Cant remember if I told you about it or not). I'm totally stealing these pictures by the way :)