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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Blakelee is 9 months

Little Miss Blakelee is 9 months old and learning something new daily!!
She is crawling all over the place and will even do the stink bug crawl when she is on the lawn or a hard flooring because it hurts her knees. 
She wants to walk and stand so badly. She will pull herself  up on everything and is trying to walk along furniture. It is so cute when she pulls herself up on the stairs, she doesn't understand that she needs to lift her foot up to climb the stairs. So she just kicks her foot then she gives up and sits back down. She has had a few spills after she pulls herself up, bumping her head on many pieces of furniture... I guess that is part of the process!! She will be walking very soon.
Waving is one of her favorites!!! She knows to wave when we say "hi" or "bye" it is like the princess wave! Waving is probably one of her most favorite things to do!!! I think she is saying hi now. If anyone says hi to her she will most likely wave but every now and again she will say "iii"!!
She knows a few words but I don't know if she knows what they mean but she is saying them.
~ Up..uppph
~Uh Oh.... uhhhhooooo
She is so cute and is learning so much each and every day.
She officially has her bottom 2 teeth in and her top 2 teeth are working their way. One of the top is completely popped through and the other one is VERY close. She has handled teething pretty well... Just sometimes she doesn't understand why her face hurts so she won't sleep and just wants to be held, but she will only sit still if you are walking around with her. 
She loves food so much and wants to eat any and all food!!! When ever we go out to eat she wants to try everything. So we give her tastes of a ton of food, she loves it!!! She is and has always been such a good eater. She has about 4 8oz bottles a day plus 1-2 things of baby food and through out the day she will eat treats and some of mommy and daddy's food.
Blake's was just over 18 pounds at her last appointment so she is 50% for her weight. It is crazy to see all her cute rolls going away slowly. Pretty soon she will look more like a toddler then a baby because she will have worked off all her baby rolls... I don't know if I am happy or beyond sad about it.
I love how happy and patient little B is!!!! Seriously despite her teeth making her sad she is beyond happy. It is my most favorite thing ever to see how excited she gets through out the day. She loves crawling away as fast as she can while laughing so hard that she can't catch her breath. Then she will turn around after you catch her and she will giggle and clap!!! She loves clapping so much, if we say "yay Blakelee" she will grin ear to ear and clap. She also loves to smack her lips together either after she just had a bottle or when she is bored. If you do it back to her she will keep up with you each time you do it to her she will copy.
Like I have said she wants to walk. So we hold her hands and let her practice. She thinks she is so big. Her steps she takes and huge and looks like she is stomping or marching. Hahah it makes me laugh!!!
She is learning to test her limits. I tell her no no when she is about to or is doing something she shouldn't do or touch. She first of all thinks it is a game and will shake her head no really fast side to side with a huge smile and then will go right back to touching the object. Or she will stare right at me while she is staring to touch the thing I just told her no about. She will watch to see what I do. I say no again and she continues to grab the object until I take her hand away and tell her no no!! She then will giggle and crawl away as fast as she can!!!! Little stink!! Hahah she makes my day. 
Blake's LOVES her crochet blanket and I have learned she has a hard time falling to sleep without it. I think it is like a security blanket. She puts her fingers through the holes and pulls it up to her face to sleep. If I am having a hard time putting her down to sleep I just have to place the blanket really close to her face and, for the most part, she will grab it and start closing her eyes.
As you can tell she loves her tongue so much!!! She is constantly sticking it out and making faces with it!!
We just love her more then words. She is perfect in every way and puts the biggest smile on our faces every single day. She loves to tease us and loves to be teased. She thinks it is so funny when you blow on her tummy or tickle her. She loves to give kisses and will sometimes understand when I say "give me kisses" she will lean in with her tongue completely out and try to almost lick me. 
One of my most favorite things that she does while she has a bottle, if I am holding her, she will play with my hair. If my hair is in a pony she will try to grab for a necklace or my shirt. It is so dang cute.
She loves to nuzzle her head on shoulders especially when she is tired!! It puts the biggest smile on my face when she does!! I just lay my head on hers and snuggle her back!!
Little Blake's is my favorite little girl ever. She is perfect in every way. She is the best personality ever and it we are seeing more and more of it as she is learning and growing. She will brighten my day when ever I am blue. We love her so so so much!!!!!!!!

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Lindsay said...

She is growing fast! Such a cutie!