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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Yummy in her Tummy

Apples and Banana Puffs
April 5th
She LOVED and could not get enough of the Apples!! They were so yummy to her. She was getting mad at me because I wasn't feeding them to her fast enough. Once they were gone She was not happy haha!! So I gave her a few Puffs... She doesn't quite understand what to do with them when I put them on her tray. So I had to place it in her mouth and she wasn't to fond of them. She has tried them a few times before and every time she is very confused what she needs to do with them. So she tries to swallow it and it doesn't dissolve fast enough and she throws up... Poor thing. So I started breaking them up for her. That way she likes them :)!

Apricots with Pears and Apples
April 11th
Can you tell she didn't love this right of the back?? It was her first Stage 2 food for being 6 months we can officially start her on stage 2!! So the food is a little thicker and has more foods mixed together. Once she had her first bite she wanted more and more. I have been trying to teach her "More" in sign language but she doesn't quite understand. They funny thing is when she eats she leans forward to get to the spoon faster, but when she does that I usually end up missing her mouth and the food gets all over her face!! Haha she is so cute.

Butternut Squash, Carrots, Apples and Prunes
April 12th
I know it looks WAY gross but she didn't think so. She ate it and loved every bite. With it being in the straw type dispenser we tried it out but she would either not get any or get to much!! So we switched to a spoon. She kept doing this cabbage patch face and saying MMmmm!! She must of loved every minute of eating!!

Apples and Cherries
April 14th
She sure Loves her Fruit!!! Just like all the other foods she of course loved this one too!!

Love this good eater of ours. She is not picky and we are crossing our fingers it stays this way!! She is perfect!!

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