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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Our Little One

 Just some fun pictures of our cute Blakelee!!! She is growing up fast and is changing everyday!!
We love her SO much!
4-16 Curious of the Stairs Already
4-15 Glitter Face
4-14 Little Sailor 
4-11 Lunch Date with Noah and Caitlyn
4-7 Stripes
4-5 Sleeps upside down and Trying to Crawl
4-4 Loves her Binky and Giraffe
4-1 Sitting (her first time by herself was 3-30)
3-28 Baylee and Blakelee's First Meeting
3-24 Cheetah Girl
3-22 Teddy Bear
3-16 Baby Hood
3-15 Trying her First Lemon! Loved it.
3-14 First Time Sitting in the Cart
3-14 Girls Day
3-12 Cousins Playing
3-11 Griff's Basketball Game
3-10 Sunday
3-8 Shinning Star
3-7 Bath Time
3-5 Plumbers Crack
3-3 Animal Print
3-2 Tired Baby

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