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Monday, February 11, 2013

Rice Cereal

On February 4th was Blake's first time trying Rice Cereal. She wasn't to sure about it at first... 
...She didn't understand how to eat it, she would stick her tongue out and all the cereal would just fall out of her mouth! We made it more runny because I wasn't sure how she would do with it. So after awhile of not understanding how to eat it...
... She just started licking the spoon instead haha!!! This kills me. 
All in all she did pretty good with it :).

So we tried it again a little thicker on February 7th. Again she was not to sure about it!! It had such a different texture then just the average bottle.
"Look mom!! What do I do with it??"
Haha she just wanted to spit it out at first.
Then she started to get the hang of how to actually eat it!! She didn't understand that the spoon needed to go on top of her tongue so she could swallow it! But she learned really fast how to keep her tongue down when I placed the spoon in her mouth.
She wanted to help so badly!!! She kept grabbing at the spoon .
Then she realized that it is good!!! She really started to enjoy it. :)
LOVE LOVE LOVE this facial expression.
She was wanting more... but it was gone!!! She was looking to see if there was more in the bowl.
She is doing so good with the cereal and her Doctor told us to start letting her taste Veggies and Fruit!!! We need to go buy some and I CAN NOT wait to see how she reacts to them!!!!
Love her so much she is so sweet and so perfect.


Lindsay said...

Such a fun age. I loved when they started eating food and interacting more.

Lara said...

Haha her facial expressions kill me! Love her!