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Monday, February 4, 2013

4 Months

Little Miss Blakelee is already 4 months old... Where has this time gone??
We just love her so so much. She is one of the happiest babies I have ever seen. 
So many people tell us that we are so lucky to have such a calm and happy baby.
Blake's had her 4 month appointment on Friday the 1st of Feb: 
She weighs 13.15 pounds 50%
25 inches long 75%
and her head is only 30% (she has a peanut head haha.)
She is so patient in so many ways, she will lay on the floor while I run to grab something, she will lay in her crib for an hour or so while I nap (even though she doesn't nap she just hangs out), she naps for a few hours a day, she will play with her toys for a while and entertain herself, and she will let us tease her :) she loves it and laughs so hard.
Blake's still sleeps like a champ (other then last night... she had scooted out of her covers around 3am and she woke up screaming she finally fell back to sleep).
She scoots a lot!! When ever I am changing her diaper she lifts her bum off the ground and just wants to scoot around. It is the funniest thing ever. She just laughs because I am laughing at her. 
She has started doing a fake cough and looks right at us then she giggles haha!! She knows she is funny :). 

Her looks are changing daily!! I love it. I swear every morning I go in to get her something looks a bit different. Her eyes are so perfect! Big and Blue. Her toothless grin melts any ones heart who sees it. Her little button  nose is the cutest nose ever!! 
She is now wearing 3-6 month clothes. Most if not all of her 3 month clothes are to small since she is SO long. It is so fun getting her all dolled up when we are going somewhere. I really need to go shopping for her, there are so many things that I need to buy for her, like long sleeve onsies, and some fun cute outfits! She does have LOTS of clothes but not very many in 3-6 months. 
She is starting to grab everything. She loves standing in her play saucer and grab all the fun toys around her. It is great because it also teaches her to use her legs!!
She loves and I mean loves to talk!! She talks to the TV, to mom to dad, to the radio, to herself and to her toys!! She tells story's all the time, it is so cute!!!
She has officially found her tongue. she sucks on it all the time and it makes a loud clicking noise haha. 
 About 2 weeks ago she rolled over!!! She was laying on her back and it looked like she was going to roll to her tummy any minute but her never did she just arched far, so we finally put her on her tummy and sure enough she rolled onto her back. She was so confused as to what had happened. We got it on camera :) I am so excited. But she now is getting very very close to rolling from her back to tummy. 
We give her her bottle while she is laying on the floor and she holds it and drinks it her self. She is growing so fast. She loves to learn she just watches us and you can tell that she is learning from us. 
I was holding her Last Night, she was sitting on my lap and she just sat right up all by herself!! She hates laying down so much, she just wants to be a big girl already.
The doctor told us that we can start her on Rice Cereal and she can start tasting fruits and veggies!! I am so excited! We are going to give her rice this week possibly tonight. I think she will like it :). She is such a face toucher. When ever I go in to get her out of her crib or pick her up off the floor she gets so giddy and her hands immediately go to our faces. She loves the feeling I guess. Her toes are her favorite things ever. When she needs a diaper change it is so hard to pull her hands from her toes. Anytime she can grab them they are in her hands. Bath time is her happiest time. She loves the sound of the water running, if she is having a tantrum we can take her up to the bathroom and start the tub and she will calm right down. She is getting so good at turning her head, in her crib or swing or where ever she is, to find her mommy and daddy, and then we are Spotted, haha. She then of course wants us to play with her or pick her up. So it gets hard when I am trying to be sneaky to just check on her and she spots me, then a Huge smile is on her face as if she is saying... "I see you!!!! Come get me!!" She loves toys, anytime we give her a toy she will play with it for some time, and of course suck on it. Everything goes in her mouth! She is getting so strong and so interactive we can not get enough of her. We absolutely LOVE our baby girl and don't know what we would do without her. We smile every single time we see her.

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