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Friday, January 18, 2013

Temple Lights

The weekend before Christmas my family and us went to see the downtown temple lights!! It was such a perfect night. We went to Su Casa for dinner. It is a Anderson Family Tradition to eat there on the Eve of Christmas Eve. But since that was on a Sunday we decided to do it earlier. Once dinner was over we drove downtown to see all the pretty lights. We parked and took the tracks just so we didn't have to worry about parking around the temple. It was a very full night to choose to be down there. 
Blake's first tracks ride!!
Once we got to the lights we walked around for a bit and got some great pictures. It was pretty chilly my toes were frozen!!! Blake's was getting hungry so we headed to City Creek so we could get her out of the stroller and feed her.
On the way to City Creek we stopped to see the famous Candy Windows. I remember when I was little I loved seeing all the fun designs in the candy windows. When we stopped doing them I was beyond bummed. It is so good to have them back. Now hopefully Blakelee can grow up with this fun tradition for Christmas!!!
She had a great night, all snugly warm in her stroller and now with a full tummy. She was a trooper!!!
Love my family!! It is so much fun to see the lights and have this night with them! Griff and I have been going downtown for years together.
Love them!

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