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Friday, January 25, 2013

Phone and Fun Pictures

Half Smile
Loves to cuddle
We Match
Mommy and Baby
Tummy Time
Same Eyes
Learning to hold her Bottle
Loves Bathing
Learning to hold things
Holds her Bottle
Playing with a book
Loves to chew on fingers and fist
Binky Baby
Playing on her Tummy
Loves holding her hands
Happiest Baby Around
First time playing at McDonald's Play Place
Bath Time!!!!
She found her Toes
Car seat, she is getting so big
First time playing with so many toys!!

She is the cutest little girl around!! Learning so much every day. I am trying my very best to capture every little thing that she does. It is so fun to see all the new little sounds and movements she is doing. We love being parents it is the such a blessing having her in our life!! :)


Lara said...

So cute! Love you guys!

Bland's said...

Thanks girl!!! Love you guys too! We need to plan another date night :)!!