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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ginger Bread and Salt Dough

December 8th was a very eventful night of Christmas fun!! Our friends Steve and Lara came over to make gingerbread men and trains, drink hot coca, and watch Christmas movies!!
Here we go...
Blake's of course did not want to miss a party, just like her mommy!!! So she joined us in her high chair. She looks so BIG!!!!
Decorating was a blast. We had so much candy!
Mmm.. Frosting!
Coco motion!!! What a great invention :).
Wow they turned out so cute!!!
They slept over, SO glad Blake slept good that night so she didn't wake them up!!
In the morning we had breakfast and made tree ornaments!!
I wanted to get a hand and foot print of Blakelee, for some reason it was so funny trying to get her prints, she was so confused and had her toes and fingers all curled up because she did not want to get it done. We were finally able to get good prints, we made 3 hand prints one for us, and both the grandparents!!
Rolling the dough.
Steve wanted a print of his teeth... haha!!! Well... it back fired! It got stuck in his mouth and of course was nasty because it tasted like pure salt!! Ewww!! Sorry Steve hope the tooth brush and paste helped out.
The finished project!!!
They turned out so cute.
Very pleased with them :).
Thanks for such a fun weekend you guys!
Can't wait till next year we should do more fun activities like this!!

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