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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Dickens Festival

A few weeks ago the girls all went to the Dickens Festival. It is Down Town and only in town for a few weeks. When I was younger I used to Clog Dance here!! It was one of my most favorite traditions of the season. So we decided that we were going to have a fun afternoon walking around looking at the vendors and seeing all the fun Christmas Decorations.
Waiting in Line. It was VERY busy!!
Laryssa is the Ghost of Christmas... Something!! Haha not sure what one she is.
We took the girls to see Father Christmas. This Santa is amazing!!! He doesn't wear the normal Santa suite he wears Father Christmas attire!! He is so cute. But... the pictures were over $30 and you can't take your own pictures, Bummer!!
Waiting to see Father Christmas.
After a fun day we went back to my moms house and hung out. Blake's was such a good little girl!! She loved the whole day.
Love the Dickens Festival!!!

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