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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Beddy Bye

It was time for us to get the crib up. Time is flying by so fast and we are now down to the wire!!
Griff did such a good job putting the crib together.
Our families have been such a big help!! The crib my parents got us, the mattress Griff's parents gave us, and the sheet is made from my sister!! I love it!!
I am officially 38 weeks along. I am still working this week and 2 days next week then I will be on maternity leave. We are beyond excited and nervous that our baby girl will be here so soon. I have been thinking non stop about things I need to set aside for a hospital bag for us all, making sure Griff will be able to take a good amount of time off work with us, and getting all the things we still need for her. Griff is so so excited and keeps asking me "when will we finally get to meet her??" It is the cutest thing ever. She sure is moving a lot and sometimes it even hurts with how hard she pushes. I think I have had 1 contraction... Last week at work I was doing a haircut and I felt some pain in my lower stomach and back it lasted for a few minutes then went away. I asked one of the girls I work with who just had a baby if that was a good or bad pain, she said it was a contraction!! Lets just cross our fingers that I don't go into Labor while at work.. that would not be good.
Can not wait to meet our sweet girl and  snuggle with her!! :)

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Lara said...

I love your final choice with the crib! its so cute :)