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Friday, April 20, 2012

Easter Sunday

When Easter had arrived we didn't really have anything planned because we had just gotten home from Disneyland. We got to bed pretty late the night before Easter Sunday with all the unpacking we had. So we both crashed and had such a good night sleep in our own bed!! I woke up kinda early because I could not sleep... So I went downstairs and hid our plastic Easter eggs. We didn't have any fun treats to put in the eggs so I used some of the goodies from the drive in the them. I also put little coupons I made and folded them up in the eggs. They said things like, "10 Free Min Massage" "Golf Day" etc.
He thought it was such a fun idea he was having so much fun hunting around the house for all the eggs!!
Afterwards we had some of our fun shows we watch together to catch up on. So we started those up while I made Mickey Mouse Pancakes for breakfast!! They were so delicious!!!
We got ready for the day and headed to Griff's families house to meet up with them and drive up to Park City for a Picnic. There is a super cute park up there that they go to every once in a while. We ate a very yummy lunch and then went for a walk to see this famous Shoe Tree!! Along the way to the shoe tree there are some pretty wood and metal arrangements that you can play and make music with. We jammed out!! Once we got to the shoe tree we looked at all the crazy amounts of shoes that are hanging on there!! There are TONS! Then we headed back to the car for the drive back to their house. We then put in the movie Hop. It is such a cute Easter Movie!!!

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