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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Slumber Party

The other weekend Ryss came over and spent the night with Griff and me.
She is just the cutest thing ever!!!
I love spending time with her!
She came over and we watched Christmas movies and ate Mac & Cheese our favorite.
Then we colored Christmas Pictures.
She is such a smart 2 year old.
I would start using a color.. lets say red...
.. and she would look over at me and say "I need.... Red!"
So I would hand it over and pick up yellow..
.. Soon enough I would hear "I need yellow."
Hahah every color I was using she would say she needed it.
I don't even know how a 2 year old would know each and every color!
I was coloring my pages and she decided that she wanted to color my picture haha.
What a helper.
She really colors so well.
Stays in the lines for the most part.
She is far beyond her years that is for sure.
 She will be a smarty pants once she starts school.
I just hope that when my day comes to be a mom that I can teach my kids like my sister and brother-in-law teach her! Linds I might need some advice once in a while :)!!
Bath Time.
Her most favorite time of the day!
She is defiantly my Niece bath time is my favorite time too!!
So as soon as I get the tub filled and put her in she asks "Tistin where are the toys??"
She was very concerned.
Well I don't use toys in my tub and I don't have any kids so of course I say "Oh I don't have any but let me find some things you can play with!"
"Tank you Tistin!!"
:D Melts my heart!!
So I come up with a shower loofah and 2 shaving cream lids!!
She had a blast with them.
Uncle Griff and Ryssa bonding time!!
She got to sleep in a King bed!!
You could barely see her in the bed!
She wanted me to read her books before she went to sleep...
... But yet again I didn't have any.
So I made one up hahha!!
She was very concerned about Monsters this night.
She kept asking me if we had any and if Diff (Griff) would scare them away!!
I told her we don't have any in our house!!
She gave me a hug and kiss good night and off to dream land she went!
In the morning she came and woke me up and we got ready for the day.
Did our make up..
.. And hair!!
She has very long hair!!
Love my time I get to spend with my Punkin!!
She is so dang cute!
Love you Baby Girl.

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