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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Baby Surprise!!

On Christmas Megan went into Labor.
She wasn't feeling the best kind of all morning and afternoon not thinking to much about it,
but soon enough Dev and Meg were at the Hospital because she was having contractions!!
All of us were at Debbie and Scott's waiting anxiously by the phone to hear more and more about what was going on.
We couldn't believe our ears when we heard she was already dilated to a 3.
They gave her some meds to help slow down the labor.
It worked for a few hours but the next morning she was up to a 7.
So instead of slowing it down they decided to speed it up!
So as soon as Griff got off work we headed straight for the Hospital to see them.
They both were in such good spirits it put a big smile on my face!
After we saw them we sat in the waiting room and waited for our cute nephew to arrive!!
At 6:53pm little Beau Scott Bland was born.
He was 4 pounds 11 ounces and around 17 inches long.
I could not wait to see him.
Devin came out to tell us all about it!!!
The next day we headed back up to Hospital to meet him!
For being 9 weeks early he is doing really well!!
Good weight and length, and is feisty.
He is Jaundice so he does have to be under some lights.
But other then that and what I know is that he is doing really good!!
He no longer has the cap on his head and only has some tubes to help him breath and feed him.
Proud Uncle Griffin!!!
He couldn't get enough of him.
He just starred at him and soaked him all in.
Touching his cute little foot!!
He loves to have his foot out of the blankets!!
No longer all hidden!!
He is adorable.
Love him so much!!!
(ps Meg I stole these from your blog! I couldn't resist they are just so dang cute :D)
What an experience for Meg and Dev!!
You guys are parents.
We are so excited for you both :)
Hope things start to settle down for you and you get to relax a bit more!!
We love you and are so excited and proud to be an Aunt and Uncle to your little Beau!!

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