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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July the 4th

In the morning I went over to my mom and dads to have a Harry Potter marathon,
while Griff went Golfing with his brother.
I haven't watched the Harry Potter movies in so long so it was fun to catch up on most of them.
We got to the 3rd movie so I will have to finish them before I go see the new movie :D
Once Griff was done with Golf and we got done with the 3rd movie
we headed over to My families house out in Sugar House to have our annual
4th of July BBQ and Fire Work show!
I absolutely love this tradition!
We kick of the night with some delicious food and desserts.
Then all the kids play games... and have a Pinata!!
My super cute cousin gave me some Delicious candles from Bath and Body!!! :)
Laryssa got a hold of one of the boys toy guns...
...She was so funny with it.
Instead of saying boom, or bang.
She would say "Shoot!!"
It was so dang cute!!!!
Time to lay out our blankets to get ready for the Sugar House Fire Work Show!!!
Before the big fire works get started we light up a few little ones of our own.
I love our fun Holiday Traditions and I love that Griff and I get to do them together!
We have been going to Sugar House together for about 6 years now!!!
I hope this can continue.
Love Fire Works!!!
Ryss was not a huge fan of how loud the Fire Works were.
Cute Cousins!!!
So sad to see this Holiday Pass!!!
It is my 2nd Favorite or maybe my most Favorite one!!!

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