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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Special Dates

July 1, 1988... My Birthday... This year I will be 23 :D

August 11, 1988... Griffin's Birthday.. He also will be 23!!!

December 19, 2003.. Our first Date.. Every 19th of every month we go out to celebrate.

December 22, 2003... Our first Kiss... Down in our friend Courtnie's basement, All our friends were peeking around the corner trying to be sneaky!

June 6, 2006... Our Graduation Day...

January 2, 2008... Griffin left on his LDS mission to Puerto Rico...We are going Hopefully next year to visit.

February 2010.. Bought our First Home.. We LOVE it!!

April 10, 2010.. Our Proposal Day...

August 24, 2010... Our Wedding Day... Just like our First Date Anniversary we celebrate every month.

August 25-29, 2010... Our First Vacation together without parents... Our Honeymoon to Florida and the Bahamas!

I'm sure I have missed some if I have let me know :D
We can't wait to make more special dates!!!

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