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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Over the weekend my Husband went to Wendover to Golf with his Buddies,
So I had a girls night.
Since Griff stayed the night out their I had a sleepover with the Girls!!
It was so much fun :D
We started off the night with a movie..
....John Tucker Must Die!!
Haha Classic.
After the movie we had some treats and Ice Cream!!
Dancing LOL!!
Peanut Butter Cups with Whipped Cream!!
Mmm Delicious Hidden Secret!!!!!
Girl Talk :)
More Ice Cream...
Our Fun Night!
Girls Night 4-16-11
What a great list of fun things to do!
Getting Late but time to start another movie!
...500 Days of Summer!!
SOO Cute.
Just after 3am we finally all went to bed!!
It was such a fun night.
Some in the TV room.
Some in the Spare Rooms.
Hahah Thank you So much girlie's for keeping me company and making the girls night so much fun!!!


Welling's said...

You guys are funny. By the way where did you get the decorations on top of your cupboards? I need some ideas for mine.

Bland's said...

I got the Leaves from Tia Pan Trading. They have all kinds of cute Leaves and Fruit ones. Then my Live Laugh Love I got at the Scrapbook Expo last year but I'm sure you can get those kind of things at any craft store :D

Stephen and Lara said...

That was sooo much fun! We will all definitely have to do it again! :) Thanks for having us over!

Bland's said...

Oh we will Be Doing it again! :D