"Happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy."

Saturday, April 9, 2011

My Likes and What makes me Happy!

Going boating on a sunny warm summer day.
Laying out and soaking up the sun.
Jumping on the tramp.
Having a BBQ.
Getting my nails done.
Playing at the park.
Getting all dolled up.
Giving gifts.
Spending the day with Ryssa.
Going to baseball games.
Amazing quotes.
Taking pictures of everything.
Watching movies.
Shopping for new clothes.
Rollercoster rides.
Cotton Candy.
Going Scrapbooking.
Writing letters.
Being crafty.
Vintage looking clothes.
Decorating our house.
Sunday drives.

Date night with the Hubs.
Wearing my Comfys cuddled in a blanket watching my favorite shows.
Watching Griff golf, play basketball, and all other sports.
Vacations, All and Any.
Sunday movies night.
Being married.
Jewelry of all kinds.
Cutting hair.
Getting a massage.
Good hair days.
Silky things.
Camping and Camp fire.
Making a yummy dinner.
Being surprised.
Watching sun sets.
Going on hikes.


M-Cat said...

I love your happy list! And I particularly love the quote at the top!

PS - Ryssa Roo would LOVE the aquarium! : )

Bland's said...

Aww thank you!! :D
I bet Ryss would!! She loves any and all kinds of animals!!