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Monday, April 11, 2011

Guess what happened 1 Year ago Yesterday!!

We got ENGAGED!!!

It was the most special day,
I will Never forget it!
 Griffin took me up to the Roof with his parents and mine,
and he popped the Question :D
I was shaking and crying (happy tears of course!)
I couldn't even get my words out to say yes...
...So I nodded my head yes!!
 It was our first time to experience the Roof and it was the best first time ever!!!
What an amazing view.
It seriously is breath taking.

April 10!
What a special anniversary <3
We now have been married for almost 8 months..
(April 24 will be 8 months.)


Stephen and Lara said...

So cute! I remember that day. Me and Stephen were getting Del Taco and Griff called to tell Stephen he was going to ask you :) You guys are so cute together and your ring is sooo pretty! It's crazy how time flys. You guys have been married a long time!

Bland's said...

Hahah thats so funny!! Griff told Steve not to say Anything! :D It has flown by I can not even believe it. I can't even wait for your guys big day!! You two are so adorable <3 Miss you guys!