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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Going Private..

 Due to a Blog Stalker we are making our Blog Private.
Sad how one person can ruin it for all!
I will not say when we are making the change but it is coming. I need to get it all figured out.
If you email me, text me or facebook me your email then I can get you an invite to view our Blog.


M-Cat said...

I love you and Griff and I hope that your stalker hasn't been mean. If so, let me know who it is and I can totally take care of it!


Cox Family said...

Yes Kristin good for you mine is private too it is sad that there are creepos out there. My email is coxfamily07@live.com also e-mail me your address if you want an invite to mine!

Bland's said...

Thanks guys I will get you an invite when I get everything all set up for going private.
M.. we are not 100% on who the stalker is but we are about 90% but just don't want to point fingers! Just weird...