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Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 23...

...15 facts about you.

1. I LOVE Holidays and Traditions
2. I have an obsession with accessories and shoes
3. Camping/ Boating is my favorite Summer activity
4. I have never colored my hair, I don't know if I ever will...
5. Pictures are my Passion
6. I use to dislike cleaning very much until I got my own house!
7. I want a pet puppy
8. My pet peeve is when people chew with their mouth open, boys cross their legs like a girl, and when people are nosy
9. Some day I will be a world traveler
10. I am terrified of Heights or more the fear of falling
11. Sharks and Spiders give me the willy's
12. I love to dance... and miss dancing with a team SO much
13. Surprises are awesome
14. Love the smell of Camp Fire
14. Sunflowers and Tulips are my favorite flowers
15. I never had to have braces or glasses

1. He is very tall over 6'
2. Loves Tortilla Chips
3. Golfing is one of his favorites
4. Loves Camping/ Boating in the Summer
5. Has really gotten into Fishing
6. Played Baseball, Basketball, and Golf in High School
7. Went to Puerto Rico on his mission
8. His favorite color is a turquoise blue
9. Doesn't care for much fruit because of the seeds
10. Hates Snakes
11. Is such a people person
12. Wants to travel just as much as me
13. Can quote any movie just after seeing it once
14. Loves watches
15. Is such a big helper, cleans, hangs, and fixes things around the house!!

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S and L said...

Love you 15 things about you....you have been the same for years and years and I love that about you! DONT ever color your hair, it's too pretty to ruin with color.